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#SADS013 - Added to The Sunday Telegraph today

Added to The Sunday Telegraph today:


thanks again to the Sunday Telegraph and Booker in particular for their valued and well placed tennacity in this case.

It may interest some that despite Mr. Hendre (MP)'s involvement, that the case was brought to The PM's attention in PMQs several weeks ago and that I have known this couple ever since they first contacted me for help some 2 years ago - NO ONE seems able to obtain honest, straight, simple answers as to WHY was the child effectively kidnapped.

Are East Sussex SS and the Family Court, like the police, no longer answerable to either our elected politicians nor even our Prime Minister?

I was asked by another MP involved to take care NOT to upset the Courts and to refrain from drawing attention to the corruption of The EU 'As our best chance of cleaning up our corrupt system was via Europe'.

This an MP who draws a salary at Westminster wishes to use The Human Rights Courts
to 'clean up Britain' - was that not what MPs used to be paid for?
Further there is some bizarre belief that the corrupt and centralised EU might administer some sort of Justice!

Firstly the EU doesn't 'do' Justice - it doesn't even do Democracy - Note Ireland where they democratically voted against Lisbon as did France and Holland but they are being forced to vote again to get it right!

Yet the killings, intimidation, murders and vote rigging in Afghanistan is pronounced acceptable!

Do NOT look to The EU for Justice, save in its abuse!

May I also remind the MP in question that the European Courts of Human Rights are neither under the control of nor any part of the corrupt EU!

It may further horrify the reader that this morning the Mother in question phoned me to tell me that she was being denied her Court approved visitation.

One can only assume as an act of punishment for the publicity!

Told that her 7 year old who had NEVER refused to see them and who had been whispering please could she have their phone number at the last meeting - the little girl stolen from her parents without even trumpped up cause when she was only 5 at the last meeting said she didn't care if she was adopted as she would just run away and find her way home!

ALLEGEDLY so say the SS had declined to see her parents!!

Advised that there was a letter relevant The Father decided to visit the SS offices to collect the letter, only to find there was no letter but The Guardian, the SS, etc. etc. were all in a meeting when he was told they were not in the building - this he ascertained from the car number plates in the car park.

It does look as if East Sussex are only likely not to lie when in their coffins - may I submit it is time to bury this clearly corrupt organisation and release the children they have stolen - read the case of Legoman whom it seems East Sussex swore on a stack of bibles had deliberately broken his own childs leg, leading to all three of his children being taken prisoner by the SS - it transpires now, long after the event that when investigated by an INDEPENDENT DOCTOR his baby has a bone disease!

East Sussex is still hanging onto his children, no doubt having frantic meetings to dream up further cover stories.

The SS and the State would seem to be some of the worst parents and guardians on record - one need only consider the fact that so many seem to consider the buggery and rape of children in their care to be a perk of the job - read Waterhouse 'Lost In Care' The report of 'Kincorra Boys School' the abuses at QVS in Dunblane, New Labour's buddy on Hackney Council Mark trotter, Tony Blair's constituency agent (Trotter as head of children's services is now dead of AIDS having been sent to prison for servicing too many children!) (Blair's agent is in prison for the rape and sodomy of boys and girls in his care) - the list is long!

However consider TODAY - when 80% of the British born who are in prison were at some stage or throughout childhood in the care of Social Services and over 40% of under age prostitutes are currently in care!

Is it that in the gross cases such children with broken limbs, haunted looks, mal nourished and covered in cigarette burns are hard to place for adoption whilst pleasant cared for children are more easily and more profitably fitted in the quota?
Consider the couple in Plymouth who have had 6 cared for children stolen including from the delivery room - and despite some 90 hearings no reason has been clearly given yet the easier ones have been forced into adoption against the parents will and with no clear reason show!

The entire incident stems from asking for a second opinion before bone marrow tests were done on their eldest! It transpired that the Doctor was a regular witness for the SS and he took umbrage and took ALL the children into care and forced the child to have the test!!

She was found NOT to have any bone marrow defect, merely a condition the parents told him before hand which was familial!

They are still fighting for Justice for their children.

We try to provide self help at:

http://StolenKids-Bloggers.blogspot.com but for us it is early days - one MP we deal with has almost 600 similar cases, of relatively different strength but it is rare that the SS and the courts acting in shameful secrecy prove the best solution.

It is time not just to draw back the curtain on this secrecy but to throw open the windows to let in fresh air and the light of truth to ALL SS and Family Court cases.

Only two thing outside of marriage require closed doors and secrecy and they are pornography and pederasty and what is happening with the Family Courts particularly as identified in East Sussex is both obscene and an abuse of children!

IF you need help just visit the blog!

Greg L-W.

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Many other excellent comments by Ian Josephs and others.

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