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#SADS014* - SADS JUDGEMENT 08-July-2009

#SADS014* - SADS JUDGEMENT 08-July-2009

Herewith below:

The Full Judgement of the case

No.: B4/2009/0755

~~~ B4/2009/0775

heard on 08-July-2009

In: The Supreme Court of Judicature
Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

On Appeal from The Brighton County Court

(His Honour Judge Coates)


By: DOUBLE CLICKING on its text.

as supplied to the parents of the kidnapped child
by The Courts who seemingly without a single item of evidence being led to show that harm had EVER come to the child at the hands of the parents and in the pretence that The RSPCA, The Police, The Social Services and the various self defined expert witnesses of the court & The SS were acquitting their duty in the best interest of anyone but themselves.

It is a clear intent stated in the spirit of the care of children that the removal of a child from its natural parent must be shown to be indubitably in the best interest of the child.

This has clearly failed to be proven as no evidence has ever been led that harm had EVER come to the child at the hands of either parent.

It is also understood that adoption shall be considered as a last resort.

This child has NEVER had the opportunity of return to its home which has been shown to be both loving and caring.

This child has bee abused by the system in a manner which has brought much public revulsion at the venality of the system in its own interests to cover its very clear errors.

Judges have in Court openly criticised the Social Services and their method of behaviour in this region:
Lord Justice Wall described East Sussex's behaviour as 'disgraceful?

Do please read the details as enumerated in The Official Full Judgement as supplied Officially by The Court - being the shameful Judgement of:

Lord Justice Thorpe

Lord Justice Longmore

sitting with Mr. Justice Bodey

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